Cyber Security Essentials

What every security expert needs to know!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - March 19-21, 2014

In this 3-days hands-on school, candidates would learn the essence of computer security, up-to-minute knowledge and hands-on skills needed for securing systems and networks. This course provides necessary foundations for those who look seriously into digital security. The following subjects are covered at this school:

  • Understand The CIA and DAD Triad
  • Examine the Pros and Cons of Various Authentication Systems
  • Assess Threats and Vulnerabilities and Recognize Risk Levels
  • Critical Security Risks: Physical Security, Malware, Social Engineering, and Phishing
  • Understand Common Hacker Tools and How to React to Them Properly
  • Choose the Most Effective Security Policies and Procedures for Your Organization
  • Efficient Implementation of Cryptography and Other Protective Devices
  • Understand Information Warfare and How It Affects Security Measures

By providing necessary knowledge of all domains of information security, this school is highly recommended to academicians who are supervising or involving in wide range of security projects. In addition, it may fill the knowledge and technical gaps for security professionals, network administrators, and security students for effective implementation of essential domains of information security and provides needed backgrounds for following training courses.